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Storyboarding . Conceptual Design . Animation . Architecture . Interior Design . Masterplanning

I have always loved science fiction. Since I was a child, I dreamed of traveling to other dimensions and going as far where imagination would take me. I witnessed in my childhood book inspirations and movies such as Minority Report, Star Wars, 1984, lots of Anime and the Mass Effect Saga. In my last semester of Architecture school I wanted to push the boundaries of what storytelling and design could do when the crossed over. The result was AFAIK. A deep-rooted story of intergalactic travel and 'healing' architecture meant to bring back the balance of what it meant to remain curious. What it meant to remain 'human'.


The design exploration was always tied to the unique form of scripting where every space was designed based on the needs of the trailer. This helped me save time and focus on production. 


AFAIK  is a result of merging my love of design with space and moving imagery. It is a visual exercise intended to communicate that architecture goes beyond earthly design and becomes a lifestyle. During the design exploration, the world needed to be created accordingly. I was inspired by video games and nano-mimicry to create the many aspects that defined the universe where the trailer was taking place.