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Storyboarding . Conceptual Design .. Architecture .  Masterplanning


The park is in an envisioned theme set in the 1960's retro futuristic Latin America. Visitors can feel the experience of a ‘wild’ space where nature harmonizes with its architectural surroundings making it appear organic. Using landmarks that defined generations of happy memories as a source of inspiration it engages with the possibility of extension and adaptability with different influential settings of culture. 


The park has created lifelike androids that ‘act’ as the animals supplanting their real counterparts for education and entertainment purposes. Although it's an engaging experience, people will still need to use their own ‘air purifiers’ because things are never what they seem. Tailored prevention inside the park is most important. One never knows what could happen... A reality not so different from our own.


Process of experimentation filling out the scene & overall progress. Working out kinks that allow for the space to breath and create a stronger composition.

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