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ArchViz | ZORU


Storyboarding . Conceptual Design . Animation .  Special Effects Creation . Architecture .  Interior Design . Photorealistic Visualization 

Every single day we live in spaces. We eat in them, we stand in them, we experience them. Each moment is special in its own way. Therefore, in this section, I dedicate it to light explorations across several Archivz exercises to research mood ideas for developing projects and understand how it affects materiality/composition/scale and everything that is represented in an architectural space. 


The visuals uses inspiration of familiar terrains throughout the world and low-tek architecture to represent a variety of experiences that give into atmospheric scenery. Architecture in this particular element provides a sense of 'protection'  without taking away its connection to the site, the design comes from its surroundings by rearranging nature and giving way to the magic of mystique and physical relaxation at every visual example.

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