Ed Pheil, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Carl Perez, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Viola Aureggi, Chief Financial Officer

Storyboarding . Conceptual Design  . Architecture .  Animation. Color Grading .  Masterplanning


What happens when a group of like-minded individuals want to bring nuclear energy to the future as one of the main solutions for generation of energy? I was tasked to design and develop a series of visualizations that could represent this futurist vision while still being a grounded idea full with possibilities of construction. The prime question to ask for this project was: is it feasible? and if so, how can we reflect the morals of the company? This was the result.

Design 1

The set up of the aerial views encompasses the overall idea of the design and one can immediately say that the logo is the inspiration of the power plant. Giving importance to branding and identity.


The exploration of allocating the power plant in several types of locations was discussed based on the idea that truly the base can be set up anywhere since it does not need water access.


Sense of scale at this stage helps visualize how adding details into their systems. This view showcases these examples along the exploration of connection and continuation of the reactor development.