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The Caracas Metro or best known as ‘Metro de Caracas’ is the mass rapid transit system of the city and for many locals is their method of getting around the metropolitan area.  Its motto is "Somos parte de tu vida" - translated as "We are part of your life" because since its inauguration back in 1983 undoubtedly it has become ingrained within its users.

Storyboarding . Conceptual Design . Animation .  Special Effects Creation . Architecture .  Masterplanning


For this particular visualization I decided to bring a bit of the past to the present. Creating a ‘main station’ visual much like a “Grand Central” to revitalize the graphic concept we have in Caracas. Using brutalist elements along public art inspired pieces created by Venezuelan artists I hoped to create the feeling of “place”. Like people coming and going from whatever destinations. That whoever sees this can feel themselves going back in time for a bit but still feel this can be the present.


‘I remember the 1st time I used the subway back when I was a kid. It felt like I was going into the future since its design was way ahead of its time when compared to other methods of transportation in the country and the world. The sleek platinum metal of its shell and rainbow bands made it characteristic with all its visitors contrasting with the grand scale concrete constructions that usually surrounds the stations. Throughout the years many stations have been added but the design has changed so I can’t help to compare my memories to the present and how I would like to incorporate a bit of its history in a ‘new’ way.